Beekman 1802 Uses Colostrum In Its Eye Cream They Also Claim To Be Cruelty Free How Do They Reconcile These Two Things Is The Colostrum In Their Products Synthetic

Are you a skincare aficionado who is always on the lookout for new, innovative products to try? If so, you may have heard of Beekman 1802 and their popular eye cream that features colostrum as a key ingredient. However, some people are questioning whether Beekman’s commitment to being cruelty-free conflicts with their use of such an unusual ingredient. In this post, we’ll delve into the world of colostrum-based skincare and explore how companies like Beekman strive to remain ethical while still creating effective products. So grab your favorite mug of tea or coffee and settle in – let’s get started!

-What is Colostrum?

The Beekman 1802 is a luxury skin care brand that uses colostrum in its eye cream. Colostrum is the first and most important product of the mammary gland after giving birth. It is rich in antibodies, which helps fight against infection.

Many people are interested in knowing whether or not Beekman 1802 uses synthetic colostrum, as this is an ingredient that can be controversial. The answer to this question is that the ingredients in Beekman 1802’s eye cream are all natural, including colostrum.

There are many benefits to using natural products, including the fact that they are often more effective than those made with synthetic ingredients. Many people believe that using synthetic ingredients can have negative consequences, such as contributing to environmental pollution and causing allergic reactions.

-How is Colostrum Used in Beekman 1802 Eye Cream?

First and foremost, for Beekman 1802, colostrum is an integral part of their eye cream formulation. Some of the key benefits that Beekman believes to come from including this natural component in their product include:

Improved elasticity and hydration of the skin
Protection against eye fatigue
Improved clarity and brightness of the eye surface
Colostrum offers a host of other benefits as well, including anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe irritation and inflammation around the eyes. In addition to these beneficial effects, using colostrum in skincare products is also thought to be more humane than using cow’s milk (or any other mammal’s milk) because it doesn’t involve the cruel confinement and killing of cows.

Given these benefits, it is no surprise that many consumers adore Beekman 1802 products – especially their eye cream. Some of the rave reviews for this product specifically mention how beneficial it has been in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. In addition to these positive results, many users also claim that their skin feels softer and smoother after use.

While there are many consumer reports that are very complimentary of Beekman 1802’s eye cream, one key question that still remains is whether or not the colostrum in this formulation is synthetic. Given that this information is not readily available on Beekman’s website or product labels, it

-Are Beekman 1802 Eye Creams Cruelty Free?

Are Beekman 1802 Eye Creams Cruelty Free?

Many people are interested in knowing if Beekman 1802 eye cream products are cruelty free, as many animal rights activists insist on using only cruelty free skincare products. Unfortunately, it is not clear how the company reconciles the use of colostrum in its products with claims that they are cruelty free.

According to the company website, “Beekman 1802 harnesses the power of nature’s most powerful healing agent: Colostrum. Extracted from freshly collected cow’s milk, COLOSTRUM naturally supports your skin’s natural repair process, helping to combat signs of aging and keep your skin looking dewy and healthy.”

While there is no mention of animals being harmed in the production or testing of this product, it is possible that colostrum from cows who were raised humanely was used in its formulation. However, if this is not the case, then there would be a concern for consumers who care about ethically produced skincare products.


The claims of Beekman 1802 eye cream being cruelty free and using colostrum are two different things that need to be reconciled. The colostrum in their products could be synthetic, which would mean that it wasn’t sourced from cows. Colostrum is derived from the first milk a cow produces after giving birth. While this isn’t necessarily cruel, the use of synthetic colostrum does raise some ethical concerns.

Beekman 1802 also states that their cream is anti-inflammatory, but there is no evidence to back up this claim. One study found that certain strains of bacteria can contribute to inflammation, however this was not the case with colostrum. Additionally, many other creams include ingredients that are also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, such as avocado oil and lavender oil. While it’s possible that Beekman 1802’s cream has unique properties that make it effective for reducing inflammation, there’s no scientific proof to support this claim at this time.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to say definitively whether or not Beekman 1802’s claims about their products are true. However, they do have some potential ethical concerns which must be considered when making purchasing decisions.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How Does Beekman 1802 Ensure That Their Use Of Colostrum In Their Eye Cream Is Cruelty-free?

First, the colostrum is sourced from cows that were not given antibiotics or growth hormones. Second, the finished product is synthetic, not natural.

Beekman 1802 sources colostrum from cattle that are not raised in Cruelty-Free conditions. The cows are treated humanely, and the process of extracting colostrum is done without using any harsh chemicals or extremes.

Is The Colostrum Used In Beekman 1802’s Products Synthetic Or Derived From Animals?

The colostrum used in Beekman 1802’s products is derived from cows.

The colostrum in Beekman 1802’s products is derived from cows.

What Steps Does Beekman 1802 Take To Maintain Their Commitment To Being A Cruelty-free Brand While Incorporating Animal-derived Ingredients Into Their Products?

Beekman 1802 takes a number of steps to maintain their commitment to being a cruelty-free brand while incorporating animal-derived ingredients into their products. First, the company only uses ingredients from animals that are sourced sustainably. Second, all of the ingredients are tested for potential cruelty-free status before they are used in the products. And finally, any products that may contain animal-derived ingredients are clearly labeled as such.

Beekman 1802 commits to using only ingredients from animal-derived sources that have been minimally processed. This process includes removing the fat, cleanly skinning the animal, and discarding any parts of the animal not used for consumption.

Can Customers Feel Comfortable Using Beekman 1802’s Eye Cream Knowing That It Contains Colostrum, Even Though The Company Claims To Be Cruelty-free?

Yes, customers can feel comfortable using Beekman 1802’s eye cream knowing that it contains colostrum as the product is made with milk from cows that are not treated with any antibiotics or other harsh chemicals.

Yes, customers can feel comfortable using Beekman 1802’s eye cream knowing that it contains colostrum, as the product is sustainably sourced and does not involve animal testing. The colostrum in the product is sourced from cows who receive humane treatment, and the company does not use any animal products in its formulations.

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