The products produced by Bobbi Brown are not cruelty-free. When required by law, Bobbi Brown pays for animal testing and allows the use of animals. In mainland China, most cosmetics are required to undergo animal testing, so Bobbi Brown’s products are also available in stores.

Moreover, Bobbi Brown is owned by Estee Lauder, another company that does not use cruelty-free practices.

Does Bobbi Brown use vegan products?

The products sold by Bobbi Brown are also not vegan because they are tested on animals when required by law. Therefore, we would not consider anything sold or manufactured by Bobbi Brown as being vegan.

The Sephora website lists some Bobbi Brown products under its “Vegan Skincare” section. However, Bobbi Brown is not cruelty-free. Animals are used in testing Bobbi Brown products.

Policy on animal testing for Bobbi Brown

The website of Bobby Brown states that their products and ingredients are not tested

Typically, cosmetic companies that declare the disclaimer, “except where required by law”, are selling their products in China, where most imported cosmetics are required to undergo animal testing.

Bobbi Brown products are sold in China?

When I did my research, I discovered that Bobbi Brown products are found in China’s upscale department stores, and that the Chinese government requires the company to test its products on animals.

However, Bobbi Brown is knowingly allowing Chinese authorities to test their products on animals, regardless of whether they are conducting these experiments themselves. 

“Safety as a priority” is a trick to be aware of. The fact that Bobbi Brown emphasizes “product safety” here generally means that they’re willing to go to any lengths to achieve safety, even if it means testing the product on animals.

Bobbi Brown also doesn’t mention whether or not their suppliers conduct animal testing, which should be taken seriously.

China’s laws against animal testing make it illegal for cruelty-free brands to sell products there. The Bobbi Brown Cosmetics company, however, is unwilling to implement such an approach and has instead decided to prioritize profits over animal welfare.

Can Bobbi Brown Cosmetics be considered organic?

Bobbi Brown is not natural or organic, and they don’t claim to be either. Organic makeup brands such as Ilia Beauty, Bite Beauty, Kosas, and Lawless are great choices if you care about organics. The brands below can cover your whole face with organic products.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: Where are they Made?

It is US-based Bobbi Brown who makes all of her products. Estee Lauder is an American brand and holding company that owns them.

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