Can a Vegan Be with a Non-Vegan

[9 Tips to Survive] Can a Vegan Be with a Non-Vegan

Every relationship has its own challenges and hurdles that the two individuals (or you can say Vegan vs Non-Vegan) need to overcome together in order to make their journey smooth and less complicated. A relationship is initiated through mutual interests, understanding of each other, and it strengthens by helping your partner grow and supporting their decisions and choices. 

Well, what if everything is perfect, except the minor detail of following different diets. Will the inter-dietary relationship work? This topic belongs to a wide area of discussion since the stances vary from individual to individual. 

There have been many instances where vegans have been hostile to dating non-vegans, while there are plenty of scenarios where it is not a problematic issue at all. One of the biggest obstacles is the difference in which they view the world. Their beliefs are different, which may result in fights and make it hard to compromise.

Let’s look at how one can overlook the dietary choices of their partner and focus on making the relationship flourish despite slight differences.

Can A Vegan Be With A Non-Vegan

can a vegan be with a non vegan

A great relationship is about two things: appreciating the similarities and respecting the differences. If your partner truly understands you, then you wouldn’t have to reevaluate or change yourself to make the relationship work.

By adopting a new lifestyle, you are introducing it into the life of your partner, so cut them some slack when required. Share a comfortable space, respect each other and keep the following points in mind.

Most Important Tips To Survive In an Inter-dietary relationship:

  1. Try out different restaurants that cater to the needs of both vegans and non-vegans. One wouldn’t want to go to a completely vegan restaurant and make their partner forcefully eat there. People should plan their outings ahead by checking out the restaurant menus to avoid any inconveniences later.
  1. Go shopping for grocery items together so that you can clarify what to buy and what not to buy. Divide the bills, and make sure to be vocal about your reasons.
  1. When you are having meals together, share the side dishes so as not to feel completely disconnected. Minor changes and additions like these can help to improve your relationship and let you spend quality time in peace.
  1. If you live together, you can set boundaries like what part of the refrigerator can be used to store animal products. Make sure that you do not hurt the sentiments of your vegan partner if they are entirely against touching or using any non-vegan products. 
  1. Always respect your partner’s choices. There are many cases when your partner might be okay with your dietary choice and support you to follow your choice’s lifestyle. But in this case, you should not force them to change their lifestyle to yours just because it would make things easier.
  1. Please do not assume that a vegan partner would like to prepare or cook animal-made dishes, and don’t force them to do so. Respect the boundaries.
  1. Do not pass derogatory comments or make the other person feel bad about their decisions. Also, do not feel guilty or try to change yourself to satisfy your partner.
  1. Communication is the key. Tell your partner why you chose the particular lifestyle, talk about what matters most to you, and why you feel your choices are important. Your partner will truly understand your stance and make you feel comfortable.
  1. Suppose you are in a committed relationship with the prospect of starting a family. You might want to consider discussing your child’s lifestyle and discuss other important issues honestly. Engaging in positive communication will make your journey hassle-free.


A vegan and non-vegan relationship might flourish smoothly, but sometimes it may not. There is no definite answer.

At the end of the day, all that a successful relationship requires is mutual efforts. Your moral compass may not point in the same direction, but love and care can measure up to all the differences. There will be difficulties and fights, but overcoming them will make you appreciate each other and form a safe space for respect and understanding. You might even see that what is important to you will eventually become important to them too.

 Learn to invest your time and patience, coexist, and flourish in an easy-going relationship. Keep both your mind and heart open, and try your best to balance your relationship at all fronts. Encourage and assist your loved ones, and you will get the same love in return.

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