How to be Vegan and Gluten-free?

[6 Benefits & 6 Tips] How to be Vegan and Gluten-free?

With evolving mindsets and changing cultures, new perspectives about our lifestyle and health are becoming increasingly popular. One such evident change has been the shift in diets and eating habits of a majority of people. So many people have turned vegan, and slowly but steadily, society has become less skeptical and adapted to this change.

Since turning vegan has become seemingly common, what would one do if they already follow a gluten-free diet? Can you be vegan as well as gluten-free? Well, the answer is most definitely YES! Let’s address this question in detail.

How To Be Vegan and Gluten-free?

How To Be Vegan and Gluten-free?

A little basic knowledge will help you understand better. Being vegan means only eating a plant-based diet that includes vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, and food made from plants. You eliminate all sorts of animal products, including dairy items and eggs, from your diet.

While, being on a gluten-free diet means you can eat meat, fish, fruit, rice, potatoes, vegetables, and other gluten-free substitutes or processed food. Gluten is present in grains of wheat, rye, and barley; so, one who is gluten intolerant and has celiac disease should strictly avoid these foods.

Combining these two strategies will result in a gluten-free diet that eliminates all products containing gluten. Your diet will have a positive effect on your overall health and lifestyle if you plan it carefully.  

Benefits Of A Vegan And Gluten-free Diet:

You might be opting for a vegan and gluten-free diet by choice or health issues, but you need not worry because there are plenty of options for you to instill in your diet plan. 

In fact, following a vegan and gluten-free diet will provide health benefits too. Note that:

  • You won’t miss out on any vital nutrients by using gluten-free products in your vegan diet.
  • You can always rely on fruits and vegetables as they will safeguard your body from diseases.
  • Your diet will be generally lower in saturated fat and protect you from heart diseases.
  • Your blood sugar balance will be maintained, and you will have a healthier gut.
  • Your body will be full of phytonutrients that will fight off diseases
  • It will significantly improve your digestion and energy levels

How To Follow An Ideal Diet Plan 

Vegan diet plan

The shift from a regular diet to a vegan and gluten-free one will not be easy, but you can try out these swaps and food options to make your transition hassle-free. 

  • Potatoes and sweet potatoes are perfect items since they are gluten-free and a feasible option in this kind of diet.
  • You can eat all sorts of nuts and seeds.
  • You can use buckwheat flour instead of traditional wheat flour. Potato flour and almond flour are also available alternatives.
  • Since dairy milk is not included, go for almond milk.
  • Corn, quinoa, millets, teff, tapioca are some products you can use.
  • Some delicious kinds of pasta are available, which are both vegan and gluten-free. They are generally higher in protein.
  • Oats are entirely gluten-free and a great fit as they can be turned into good options such as oat crackers etc. But one must be cautious as it is processed at times, so it is advised to use certified gluten-free oatmeal.
  • You can also make your gluten-free, vegan bread using chickpea or buckwheat flour.
  • Garlic, onions, mushrooms, and lemons are definitely on the list.
  • Beans and legumes, mainly back beans and lentils, will help.
  • You can always eat tofu while being on a vegan, gluten-free diet.
  • Instead of soy sauce, you can use tamari and coconut.
  • Plant-based substitutes and plant-based yogurts are good options you can turn to.

Tips For Shopping And Cooking Vegan And Gluten-Free Products:

  1. Always be vigilant and pay close attention to the labels. Use certified vegan and gluten-free items.
  2. You can always use canned foods.
  3. Stock up more; you can easily use frozen food and vegetables.
  4. Use instant pots, fryers, and blenders to be quick and save time while cooking.
  5. Prepare before you cook and be sure of the items you use. 
  6. Eating out may be a challenge, but you can always try since such diet changes have become very common, many restaurants are implementing vegan and gluten-free items in their menus. 

Being vegan and gluten-free is not just about following a particular diet plan; it also significantly changes your lifestyle. You need not worry since your lifestyle will be affordable, accessible, convenient, and healthy. With the variety of products available everywhere, you will be able to satisfy all your needs and cravings. 

Since health comes first, make sure to have a well-balanced diet. Nutrition is the key; make sure to give your body the desired amount of fats, carbs, and proteins. Actualize your body goals and find some delicious recipes online. You will eventually get used to the new lifestyle and love the journey. You are making the right choice. 

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