How to Become a Vegan on a Budget in 2022

[Guide] How to Become a Vegan on a Budget in 2022

When you experience a drastic change in your lifestyle by turning vegan, many questions arise in your mind. Will the transition be easy? Is being vegan expensive? Can I still be a vegan if I have a tight budget? How to become a vegan on a budget? Well, you most certainly can. It is imperative to dispel the misconception that a vegan, i.e., a plant-based diet is costly. A vegan diet is absolutely appropriate, and it is accessible, affordable, and convenient

How To Be A Vegan On A Budget 

No matter the money in your wallet, you can easily follow a vegan diet. The idea of a vegan diet being expensive arises from the fact that one would have to buy extensively priced substitutes of dairy products and buy supplements for other animal products. This is a myth we need to bust.

Veganism can easily be instilled in your life according to your needs and income. A variety of vegan meals use up items already present in our homes. Careful choices while shopping and cooking will help you in the long run. You will not only shop on a budget but also relish some delicious meals.

Is Being Vegan Expensive Reddit?

Vegan food will become more popular as demand increases, and even the price of luxury plant-based items will decrease with time. Among plant-based products currently available, vegan meat is the most popular. Plant-based foods are better for your health according to the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA) and the Good Food Institute (GFI).

Products like these are priced based on supply and demand. The cost of production – and the cost of purchase – will decrease when vegan producers hold a greater share of the overall meat market. According to Liz Specht, Ph.D., a senior scientist at the Good Food Institute (GFI), vegan meat will soon be priced like animal products.

Follow These Tips To Adopt a Cheaper Plant-based Diet:

[Guide] how to become a vegan on a budget
  • First and foremost, cook and eat at home.

Most healthy vegan items like vegetables, legumes, fruits, and grains are relatively cheaper than other usual products. You must plan well and whip up some delicious recipes right at home. Try to experiment with inexpensive recipes. 

  •  Buy items in bulk

Especially items like nuts and seeds are bought in bulk and stored for long-term use at the best rates. Other than these, you can easily buy spices, herbs, dried fruits, and snack items. Store them in airtight containers.

  • Stick to the staples.

Cooking legumes and grains in bulk is recommended since you can freeze and reheat them and store them for later use. Freeze the leftovers.

  • Canned Foods 

It would be best if you relied on canned food items as they are long-lasting. If you buy canned beans, you can eliminate this option and cut costs by soaking dried beans and using them according to your requirement.

  • Buy produce in season.

 It tastes fresh, better, and is cheaper. Choose the farmers market instead of stores to buy fruits and vegetables. Buy from wholesalers to get a reasonable price. 

  • Shop at Vegan-friendly markets and eat at vegan-friendly restaurants.

With the ongoing trend of turning vegan, there has been a rise in stores and restaurants supporting this lifestyle. Some of these restaurants turn out to be affordable as well. Try and test them out.

  • Try online markets.

This option helps you avail of special offers and deals. The delivery is at your doorstep, hence saving conveyance expenses.

  • You may also start organic farming from home itself. This might be a big money-saver. 
  • Make the daily basics yourself. You can easily make your plant-based milk like almond milk, cheese, butter, etc.
  • Use easy substitutions to save money. For, e.g., soya is an affordable substitute. Even textured vegetable proteins are readily available and affordable.
  • Test and compare grocery store rates and choose your desired options (Always double-check the prices).
  • Buy more generic brands especially for items like rice, pasta, oatmeal,nuts and seeds, baking supplies etc.
  • Moreover, you can try to build your diet and lifestyle around whole foods. Rely more on fresh fruits and vegetables other than vegan substitutes. 
  • Follow systematic meal plans and include quality over quantity in your diet. Start with a few swaps, and slowly you’ll get the hang of your new lifestyle. It will make your transition process easy.


A typical vegan diet is rich in nutrients and makes your body healthy in all aspects. Transitioning to a plant-based diet will take you a while, but the outcome will be worth it. This lifestyle is not only healthy but affordable as well. Once you learn how to buy smart and adapt to the changes around you, the entire process becomes easy. 

Don’t think that you won’t have many options. With meal prep and surfing the net for new recipes, you will eat well and try out different stuff each day. From authentic dishes to delectable desserts, you will not miss out on anything. Thus, eating vegan not only saves the lives of innocent creatures but also saves our money. 

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