Is Arm And Hammer Cruelty Free is arm and hammer cruelty free

Is Arm And Hammer Cruelty Free

Because Arm & Hammer allows post-market animal testing on its products that is required by law, it is not a cruelty free brand. As a China-based brand, Church & Dwight shares the same animal testing policy as its parent company. They have no vegan or cruelty-free certification because Arm & Hammer products aren’t 100% vegan.

Arm & Hammer has served the American people for 170 years and is one of the oldest brands in the country. In the US and many other countries, the brand enjoys a high reputation.

Recent years have witnessed an increase in scrutiny over animal protection issues in a number of industries. It is becoming increasingly common for people to seek information about brands’ animal testing policy and ingredient list.

It is just as important for you to know Arm & Hammer is cruelty-free and vegan. Could you share whether Arm & Hammer is cruelty-free and vegan?

Cruelty-free: Is Arm & Hammer?

Cruelty-free means keeping animals from being subjected to any type of testing. The specific criteria used to determine whether or not a brand is cruelty free are quite specific. The Arm & Hammer criteria is considered in depth.

The certification of cruelty-free products requires a brand to meet three essential criteria:

They must not test their products or any of their ingredients on animals, even if lawfully requested by a government officialIt is illegal for them to sell their products in mainland China (where animal testing is mandatory by law).The products or ingredients of those companies should never be tested on animals by third parties

What products are tested on animals by Arm & Hammer?

According to federal law, Arm & Hammer allows its products to be tested on animals. Products manufactured by Arm & Hammer are sold in countries where animal testing is mandatory for imported human care products.

On their official website, Arm & Hammer does not provide any information about their policy towards animal testing.

Their products are sold in countries that require products to be tested on animals after they have been sold. This indirectly leads to animal tests.

Are they required by law to test on animals? Are they using a third party to do so?

Laws and regulations are met by Arm & Hammer when it tests its products.

They sell their products in regions where animal testing is mandated for imported human care products; hence, they subject their products to the animal testing requirements accordingly.

The company does not mention whether or not they test their products on animals. No other testing policies are published, so it is assumed that they do.

What products does Arm & Hammer sell in China?

Various retail stores and outlets sell Arm & Hammer’s products in mainland China.What’s going on in China? China’s health laws require that all beauty and personal care products imported from abroad be tested on animals. During these tests, the country ensures the safety and efficacy of the products.

Providing beauty products to mainland China is against cruelty free standards, therefore any company offering these products is not considered cruelty free.

What Animal Cruelty Free Certifications does Arm & Hammer have?

There is no cruelty-free accreditation for Arm & Hammer. There are two essential standards of a cruelty-free brand that are not met by this brand, and this is the primary reason why it lacks accreditation.

Animal testing is required in mainland China and other countries in which Arm & Hammer sells its product, so it is considered non-cruelty.

Does Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Parent Company Arm & Hammer Inc. Practice Cruelty-Free?

Arm & Hammer is owned by Church & Dwight co., Inc. In addition to testing on animals when required by law, this company does not follow cruelty-free practices.

There is no explicit policy on the company’s official website regarding animal testing.

What is the vegan status of Arm & Hammer?

A vegan product is one without any animal products, ingredients, or materials. Because some of Arm & Hammer’s products contain animal-derived ingredients, they are not 100% vegan.

There is no official vegan channel on the brand’s website or statement regarding animal testing. You can only access the ingredients of its products through this channel.

In order to determine a product’s vegan status, it is advisable to check its list before purchasing it.

No Arm & Hammer products are labelled as vegan, and the company does not have any vegan certifications.


When required by law, Arm & Hammer tests its products on animals as part of its cruelty-free policy. Despite being owned by a cruelty-free parent company (Church & Dwight co., Inc.), its products are not 100% vegan. Due to this, Arm & Hammer does not have vegan nor cruelty-free certifications.


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