Is Beauty Bakerie Cruelty Free

They are known for their cute packaging at Beauty Bakerie. Their packaging is a perfect match for the bakery theme. How would you like to apply a powder that looks like flour? They’ve got you covered. How about beauty sponges that have the appearance of a dozen eggs? They have it. Considering that the product range covers the complexion, the eyes, and the lips, it is no wonder that there is so much buzz surrounding this brand. Ulta, Selfridges, Boots, and more all carry Beauty Bakerie products. The brand is owned by BIPOCs.

Interested in what’s happening with Beauty Bakerie right now? Do they plan to be cruelty-free in 2020? Will the Beauty Bakerie product line be available in vegan form? This post explains what Beauty Bakerie’s policy is in regards to animal testing. 

Does Beauty Bakery use cruelty-free products? Absolutely! We use cruelty-free products.

The Beauty Bakerie company meets all the criteria to be approved as a cruelty-free brand by Logical Harmony International. Their products do not contain any animal testing. Animal testing is not required in any of the markets they sell in, nor do they sell in retail stores in China.

Vegan products by Beauty Bakery:

The following list is divided into product categories to make your shopping experience easier. Please keep in mind that the ingredients on this list are kept as up-to-date as possible. Beauty Bakerie is available on several sites online, but their own website has more products and more colors than any other online retailer. Following is the current list of vegan Beauty Bakery products.


From Beauty Bakerie: Vegan products for the skin and face:

  • A blender blends eggs
  • This palette is called Brownie Bar
  • The Coffee and Cocoa Bronzer Palette
  • Champagne Blush Cotton Candy Palette
  • Baking powder made from flour
  • Concealer Instabake 3-in-1
  • Foundation INSABAKE Aqua Glass
  • Highlighting Brush in Milk & Honey
  • Palette Milk & Honey
  • Bar palette in neopolitan style
  • Icy Illuminator So
  • Setting spray Spray Your Grace
  • Hydrating Face Oil Wake & Bake

The following vegan eye products are available from Beauty Bakerie:

  • Eyeshadow palette for breakfast in bed
  • The Graham Eyeshadow Palette is the reason to do it
  • It’s a lollipop eyeliner
  • Pudding Eyeshadow Palette has proven its worth

The following vegan lip products are available from Beauty Bakerie:

  • Lippies made from cake pops
  • Cream Lip Whip
  • A lip gloss that works on the lips
  • Removes lip whip
  • Lip Whip in matte finish
  • It’s a metallic lip gloss
  • Scrub your lips with sugar

Products that are not vegan:

  • Waterproof Mascara for Eyelashes
  • Lip liner with sugar sticks
  • Hydrasilk Primer from Butter

In addition to finding the cruelty-free brands you want on Logical Harmony, you can also review shopping guides to find the brands at Dermstore, Ulta, Nordstrom, Sephora, Beauty Bay, Beautylish, Cult Beauty, and tons more. The list also includes vegan products from cruelty-free brands.


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