Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty-free & vegan in 2022

Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty-free & vegan in 2022

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most luxurious makeup brands on the face of the earth! Back in 2018, when I daydreamed of the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury mauve lipsticks and chocolate-colored bronzers!

Being true to my ethics, I always wondered if Charlotte Tilbury is cruelty-free or not?

Like our other articles on vegan and cruelty-free, we are back with yet another one. If you are a true makeup enthusiast, you might have dreamed about charlotte tilbury lipsticks and bronzers too!

Now, if you have been following our blogs for a while, we cut to chase and get to the point of whether or not charlotte tilbury is cruelty-free.

Read till the end to find out the best alternatives for charlotte tilbury.



Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty-free?

No, Charlotte Tilbury is NOT cruelty-free in 2021.

Although back in 2017-18, this was out of the question. Charlotte Tilbury recently got a parent company, “Puig.” Which is not a cruelty-free company.


Other than this, Charlotte Tilbury, in their policies, mentions that their products are not tested on animals, which is deceptive to an extent as they’ve said that they try their products according to the laws and for consumer safety.

Although their policies are updated in the year 2020, and it is the same year when Charlotte Tilbury started to sell in China.

So, to answer


Is Charlotte Tilbury sold in China?

Yes, Charlotte Tilbury is sold in mainland China.

China is a country where testing on animals is mandatory by law.

As stated above, Charlotte Tilbury has started selling their products in china in a pop-up shop, which confirms that their policies are sneaky and deceptive.

Is Charlotte Tilbury PETA certified?

No, Charlotte Tilbury is NOT PETA certified.

It is not clear that Charlotte Tilbury is 100% PETA certified or not.

Is Charlotte Tilbury vegan?

No. Charlotte Tilbury is not 100% vegan.

It has a category of vegan products, but this company tests on animals whenever required by law. Hence, going for cruelty-free and vegan alternatives is a wise and better choice than charlotte tilbury.


What are the alternatives to Charlotte Tilbury?

Charlotte Tilbury is a luxury makeup brand! So, finding alternatives to one such brand can be difficult. Hence, here we have the best cruelty-free and vegan options for Charlotte Tilbury.

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the luxurious brands that are cruelty-free. However, they have some products which contain animal-derived ingredients but have many vegan options.

Here’s a contour kit that is the best choice. You can order it off Amazon.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Contour Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills has some most beautiful formulas. This cream contour kit from the pro series is a combination that offers various highlighting and matte contour shades.

It has a satin finish, and the powder formula is best for blendability and build-up in your makeup.

Suits Light to medium skin tone and all skin types.

If you have sensitive skin, please patch the test before regular use.


More Specifications:

Item weight: 5.6 Ounces

Product model: Light To Medium


  1. Too Faced

Here is one more cruelty-free brand. Too faced has been incredibly vocal about not testing on animals. Same as above mentioned, Too Faced has some products which contain animal-derived ingredients but have many vegan options.

Here is a bronzer that is a dream for every makeup lover!

Too Faced Natural Lust Bronzer

This is a satin finish two-toned bronzer from too-faced. The formula is specifically curated for a shimmery summer glow!

It comes in a pressed powdered pan used on the face as a subtle shimmery highlight or built up for an in-depth bronzed look. Powdered formula is best to have a buildable technique.

And the super-sized pans are perfect for body use.


More specifications:

Product weight: 4.48 Ounces

Product model: light to medium


Here we conclude our list of best alternatives. In all fairness, numerous products in the market are vegan and cruelty-free.

But these were the most resembling ones, in my opinion!

To summarize,

Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty-free?

  • No, Charlotte Tilbury is not 100% cruelty-free.

Is Charlotte Tilbury sold in China?

  • Yes, Charlotte Tilbury is sold in China.


Thank you for reading till the end. I hope you make good ethical choices and have a great day ahead!

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