It has been confirmed that Coloured Raine neither tests its products or ingredients on animals nor asks others to do so. They do not allow their suppliers to test their products on animals either, when mandated by law. The company does not sell its products in mainland China or any other country that requires animal testing.

By our standards, we would consider Coloured Raine to be Cruelty-Free

Policies that are cruelty-free

The term ‘cruelty-free’ is not defined legally, and it can mean very different things to different people. Cruelty-Free, on the other hand, generally means there has been no animal testing performed. All stages of product development do not involve animal testing of ingredients, formulations, or finished products.

Coloured Raine isn’t fully vegan

Veganism in cosmetics refers to an entire brand or a particular product that adheres to the Vegan lifestyle.

There are some Coloured Raine products that are not vegan. Nevertheless, the company offers some products that are suitable for vegans.

What are the Coloured Raine products that are vegan?

Colored Raine’s website clearly marks all vegan products. It states:

“Our entire line of vegan products, including liquid lipsticks, lip liquids, classic lipstick, faux mink eyelashes, and accessories, are clearly labeled. You can select only vegan shades for our single eyeshadow pans and eyeshadow palettes.”

Policy regarding veganism

In the same way that a label ‘cruelty-free’ isn’t legally defined, the label ‘Vegan’ has no standard meaning. However, it usually refers to avoiding animal-derived ingredients and animal by-products.

Among the animal-based ingredients used in cosmetics are animal-based glycerin, keratin, snail mucus, lanolin, honey, beeswax, and snail mucus.

Animal-derived ingredients can be replaced with plant-based and synthetic alternatives. By reading the ingredients list alone, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a product is vegan.

So it’s best to ask the company and manufacturers to ensure the ingredients they’ve chosen to use were from non-animal sources.

Can you tell me where Coloured Raine’s products are made?

All of our cosmetics are made in Los Angeles, the glamorous capital of the United States. We retain full control over the ingredients, working conditions, and safety of our products, while making sure that all employees are paid fairly.

Developing an ethical policy for mica mining

A mineral called mica is often used to add a shimmery effect to cosmetics. However, the mining of natural mica contributes to human rights abuses and child labor.

The company needs to disclose its mica mining policy before we can determine if it is sourcing mica in an ethical manner without child or forced labor.

Coloured Rain never replied to any of my emails or messages asking if their mica was sourced ethically without the use of child labor.

Thanks for reading! I hope this article helped you understand Coloured Rains cruelty-free, vegan status and you will choose cruelty-free with me to help end cosmetic animal testing for good!

Are Coloured Raine products made with animal products?

Some Coloured Raine products contain carmine, which is an animal ingredient. Coloured Raine products do not contain any other animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients except for carmine.

This range of Coloured Raine products is NOT vegan:

  • Eyeshadow palette Berry Cute
  • Eyeshadow palette in Beauty Rust
  • FEATISH, FLASHY, and HAPPY DAZZLE pressed eyeshadow singles.
  • This eyeshadow palette has a smokey effect
  • This eyeshadow palette is called Queen of Hearts

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