Is Glamglow Cruelty Free

The beauty industry has been in a whirlwind lately. There’s new and plenty of brands coming up. There’s a ton of skincare products launched now and then. And a lot of brands are coming up with newly formulated products.

And we are speaking of skincare brands. There are hundreds of products in the markets with numerous similar and different formulas. Some work, some don’t, but the choices are ENDLESS! But are they worth choosing if these brands don’t care about the environment?

This article talks about the same ideology; since I never indulge in brand products that test on animals, I make sure that the products I buy are cruelty-free and vegan.

Be it Masks, or serums, or hydrating products, etc.!

At this point of saturation, it is a little overwhelming to find YOUR brand. That speaks to you and your ideologies.

One such skincare brand that is successful with the results of their products is GLAMGLOW!

Glamglow has launched several mud-masks, facemasks, and several hydrating products in the entire course of time.

To start with my case, I am a vegan. I only invest in products that match my vegan practices of life—zero tolerance for animal testing and plant-based living. And if a brand isn’t cruelty-free, I don’t invest in it. No matter how great-working their product might be.

Glamglow was founded in the year 2011 and joined Estee Lauder in the year 2016. With our 100 skincare products, best known for its instantly resulting products.

Under its wing, GLAMGLOW has masks, cleansers, lotions, moisturizers, and more. All of it has a unique glam-kick to it.

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Getting to the main question,

Is GLAMGLOW cruelty-free?

GLAMGLOW isn’t cruelty-free.

The policy of the company does not endorse animal-testing upfront. But it does mention that they follow it when it is required by law.



No. GLAMGLOW does contain animal-based ingredients in various products. Like beeswax and more.

Some products are entirely vegan, but not all of them.


Is GLAMGLOW PETA-certified?

No, GLAMGLOW isn’t PETA Certified. PETA certification ensures that a particular brand is not testing its product on animals. And pledge not to do so in the future,


when it comes to any new launch.

One more question that arrives often is

Is GLAMGLOW sold in China?

The answer to this is YES. This question comes in place because China is a country that by-law says animal testing is mandatory.


GLAMGLOW does sell its products in China. Hence testing is required when selling in that country.

Under this circumstance, any company that sells in china has to agree to their laws by-default.

These are the questions for your information that GLAMGLOW isn’t cruelty-free. Neither is it a VEGAN-FRIENDLY brand.

If you do like GLAMGLOW products, there are numerous alternatives for it. You can still switch for a better choice. Personally speaking, these alternative brands offer the best products. All of them are cruelty-free and vegan.

To name a couple of them:

Biossance :

Biossance is a beauty brand that is cruelty-free and extremely vocal about it. It does not endorse any animal-testing or animal-based ingredients in its [roducts. Not only that, bioscience is a brand that ensures its products are inclusive for all skin types and all skin shades.

Atomic Makeup :

Atomic Makeup is one of the brands that are very well-known for being Vegan and Plant-based. To be precise, they are one of the first brands to launch CBD-infused lip products. With several skincare benefits, this brand genuinely believes that makeup and skincare can be infused together.

Lastly, to conclude this article. GLAMGLOW is not cruelty-free. It does mention in their policies that GLAMGLOW may follow the procedure wherever it is needed by-law. And to be very honest, this is pure deception of a consumer.

And environmentally speaking, to test on animals or to use ingredients that are animal-based is selfish. And who says we need to hurt animals for glam and instant results. Some brands do it with ease and gracefulness. Several brands do it better with utmost honesty and pride.

In conclusion, do not go for the brand just because of its hype. If it is not in terms of your ideologies and this earth’s well-being, don’t invest in it.

I appreciate you being interested in knowing where your products come from and what your brand stands for. Awareness is the key to the world’s well-being.

Thank you for showing an interest in being aware of the brands that you invest in. Suppose there are tried and tested brands that are vegan and cruelty-free. Do let us know in the comment section below.

And please encourage others to stop using brands that harm nature and any of its creatures with feelings.

I hope you make good choices. Have a nice day ahead.

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