Is John Frieda Cruelty Free

John Frieda is a hair-care brand. It mainly sells hair products that fight frizz—being successful for it. John Frieda has earned the trust of the consumer for delivering results.

John Frieda is one of the successful brands in the hair-care business; the main question arrives for investing in the products. Is it cruelty-free? Does it align with our ideologies?

To know, keep reading.

Is John Frieda cruelty-free?

No, John Frieda is not cruelty-free.
The policies put out there by the brand are deceptive to death! They claim not to test on animals, but their sales action doesn’t match their word at all. They also specify that they carry on tests when it is a requirement enforced by law. (Another deception and false denial) So that, right there is a lack of being transparent.

Another question that often arrives is that.

Does John Frieda sell its products in China?

Yes. John Frieda products are sold in China.

This question arrives because selling in China requires mandatory testing on animals. By-law. And John Frieda can sell because they follow the procedure.

Hence another proof that John Frieda is not a cruelty-free brand.

Moreover, it is not great to build your brand presence across the globe with a deception of ideologies. If they want to claim they don’t test on animals or don’t pass on the task to anyone, they might as well not adhere to sales where animal testing is enforced by law!

Why associate with anything that doesn’t honor your ideologies just for the sake of sales?

Further diving into this topic,

Is John Frieda PETA certified?
NOPE. John Frieda is not PETA certified.

Not only this, it is one of the child brands of a parent company KAO CORPORATION.
KAO CORPORATION itself isn’t a cruelty-free or a PETA-certified chain in regards to animal testing.

And since the 1980s, KAO CORPORATION claims to find alternatives to be cruelty-free and animal friendly. But still hasn’t adapted completely to be a cruelty-free brand.

As a vegan person myself, I always check the product’s ingredient list to confirm that it is vegan.

So are any of John Frieda product’s vegan?

No, John Frieda products are not vegan.

Since John Frieda tests on animals, it cannot be certified as a vegan in the first place, but neither do they put out a statement saying their products are vegan.

(Yes, a lot of their products contain natural ingredients like avocado oil and green tea, but at the same time, their formulas are not sulfate-free or fragrance-free)

We cannot see their actual ingredients list anywhere in their official statement. And they do include animal-derived ingredients.

Hence under this, we can’t even consider John Frieda as an organic brand.

To be very personal here, I can never opt for John Frieda hair care products. No matter how best results they deliver, no matter how much it states to be best-selling in the anti-frizz segment.

Because it doesn’t align with my vegan lifestyle, not my ideologies, and the brand doesn’t seem to care about the environment either. The packaging is not sustainable. It contains (mild) but damaging ingredients. I would instead opt for alternatives available in the market.


What are the alternatives for John Frieda’s hair care products?

Both of the brands have exceptional haircare products. Not only that, they have working anti-frizz products that are cruelty-free and damage-free. They are inclusive and allow you to choose according to your hair type and needs.

In conclusion, it is challenging to find the correct hai-care product that delivers you the best results. With that, be cruelty-free and animal friendly that supports the lifestyle you choose. But there are several best alternatives available right at your fingertips. Just a click away, you can find a product that not only solves your problem but also understands you as a consumer. So, I hope you make better choices.

Please let us know in the comments what has worked best for your hair as a vegan person. Do list out the alternatives if you have tried any.

Thank you for reading this till the end. I appreciate it. See you n the other side!

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