Is Kiehls Cruelty Free

To find a skin-care product that delivers results. Hence people across the globe opt for high-end skin-care brand products.

Mainly to go with the perception that a high-end brand is charging a price worth the quality. And also, there is a re-assurance of brand-trust in this case.

One such skin-care brand is “Kiehls.” Yes, Kiehl’s does offer exceptional results in some of its products. For example. Kiehls has a useful product for correcting dark spots. Dark spot correcting serum has proven to be one of the best serums in the history of dark-spot correcting products.

But the real question is, is it worth it? 

Is Kiehl’s a cruelty-free brand? Is it environment-friendly? If you are a vegan person like me and living cruelty-free holds equal importance in your life like Keep reading further.

Addressing the elephant in the room,

Is Kiehls a cruelty-free brand?

No, it is not.


To be cruelty-free, a company has to meet specific criteria. Like

  1. Not tested on animals
  2. Not sold in countries that require testing on animals “by law.”
  3. Is certified by PETA and more animal rights organizations.
  • Kiehls does claim their parent-brand Loreal that does not test on animals. But a deception arrives when they mention that they do not interfere when required “by-law.”
  • Kiehls is sold in China, a country where animal testing is mandatory to make a sale.
  • Kiehls is not certified by PETA as a cruelty-free brand.

(Neither is PETA certified as cruelty-free by leading organizations like Leapingbunny or Beauty Without Bunnies.)

As Kiehls does not meet any of these criteria, it is plain deception wherever Kiehls policies mention they care for animal-testing. Lack of transparency is such a big brand with a fantastic rep, which is disappointing.

One more question that is often asked is that.

Is Kiehls sold in China?

Yes, Kiehls is sold in China.

Another big question that arrives is 

Is Kiehls all-organic?

Being a high-end brand, Kiehls does have the leverage to be eco-friendly. It does list out numerous natural ingredients like Lavender, Blue-algae, and more.

But Kiehls does contain SLS and parabens, and silicone in few products. None of its ingredients are “completely fragrance-free.”

But to be all-organic does not mean to include a few herbs in the heap of chemicals.

Hence, Kiehls thus is not listed as an organic brand.

Another question that arises with this is 

Is Kiehls vegan?

No, Kiehls is not vegan.

It is a little hard to source the ingredients list of most of their products. But none of the products is listed as completely vegan. Most of the Kiehls products contain animal-derived ingredients.

Hence, as a bottom line, neither is Kiehls an organic brand. Nor it is cruelty-free. And it is not vegan either.

Kiehls is known to be a high-end, globally available skin-care brand. They showcase themselves to be a simple all-inclusive brand. But getting in the depth of truth, it is not!

Neither is it animal-friendly nor cruelty-free.

And to summarize this read, transparency is the key for any brand to earn its consumers’ trust. Kiehls does offer some wonderfully working products, but if they aren’t caring for the world, they sell in. It is challenging for a “vegan” person like me to invest in Kiehls.

To claim yourself as a simple, plain-ingredients brand is one thing and to be the same is another. Hence even if the products work wonders, I still wouldn’t go for it if they aren’t cruelty-free.

So, what alternatives you can opt for instead of kiehls?

First of all, you can get several options that work and are made from clean ingredients, with honesty in their products and marketing campaigns. 

Here you go:

  1. Biossance
  2. One Love Organics

These are the brands that are honest and cruelty-free. They not only trying to be sustainable in this fast-paced world. They are also looking forward to being inclusivity in the skin-care and beauty world. They try to be welcoming for all skin conditions and all textures across the globe!

At this moment, I ask you a question, if you have alternatives, why opt for a brand that isn’t cruelty-free? Why Opt for a brand that isn’t aligning with your ideologies?

Kiehls does work wonders, it sure is a popular favorite. but its cost is the innocent lives of animals that products are tested on. Kiehls is not cruelty-free. Neither is it vegan.

I would never opt for it, given the lack of transparency, especially when it comes to my ideologies!

I hope you don’t opt for brands that aren’t sustainable and cruelty-free. Do let us know in the comment section below if you have more tried & tested alternatives. And if you’ve kiehls and has it worked for you!

Thank you for reading. I hope you make better choices. Have a great day.

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