Is Simple Skincare Cruelty Free

All makeup and beauty enthusiasts have heard this name.

One of the most renowned brands is Simple. Every one of you has probably used at least one Simple product in your skincare routine. It is true that the brand has an extensive product range to meet all needs.

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering if Simple will be vegan and cruelty-free in 2020. This is a very important question for everyone who opposes animal cruelty.

Learn more about it by continuing to read!

Is Simple Cruelty-Free?

Yes! The Simple brand doesn’t test on animals. There are no animal tests for the Simple brand. In addition, it doesn’t allow animal testing by third parties. Furthermore, it doesn’t sell in countries where animal testing is mandated.

In regard to these factors, Simple is cruelty-free!

About Simple

Simple was developed by the Albion group, and it was introduced in 1960 in the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, it was designed to be simple. As a brand, the brand was aiming to cater to sensitive skin in a mild but effective way.

That is why the company’s slogan “Kind to Skin” is so fitting. They have formulated their products in a way that is extremely kind to the skin. This really has been a revolutionary brand in tackling the problems people face with sensitive skin.

Simple began with creating cleansing products free from harsh, stripping elements and has since become a global brand. This company was committed to making products without artificial fragrances and colors, and it still is. They currently distribute their products in 18 countries worldwide.

Their minimalistic packaging is what makes them more attractive. This is in keeping with the brand’s values. Moreover, Simple’s prices are incredibly affordable, making it a brand that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Is Simple Owned by a Parent Company?

Yes. Since 2010, Unilever has owned Simple. Founded over 120 years ago, Unilever has been a global leader in consumer goods. Over 400 brands are owned by it, and its products are used daily by 2.5 billion people.

Unilever strives to make a social impact through its work by creating sustainable living for everyone.

Testing Policy: Does Simple Test on Animals?

Using sustainable living as a basis for a positive social impact, Unilever seeks to make a positive impact on society. Dong awareness and supporting bans on animal testing globally.

Does Simple Sell in China?

No. We do not sell Simple in China at the moment. However, it does not want to conduct animal testing on its products if it launches in China.

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