Peter Thomas Roth Cruelty Free

Peter Thomas Roth does not absolve cruelties. Their suppliers are not required to disclose whether they test on animals. Furthermore, Peter Thomas Roth’s products can be found in mainland China where all imported cosmetics must undergo animal testing.

What is Peter Thomas Roth’s vegan stance?

Since we don’t consider anything sold or manufactured by Peter Thomas Roth to be vegan as their products are tested on animals as required by law, we would also not consider anything made or sold by Peter Thomas Roth to be cruelty-free.

The Animal Testing Policy of Peter Thomas Roth

PT Roth claims that their raw materials and formulas are not tested on animals. Their raw material suppliers, however, cannot be confirmed as testing on animals. Their products are also sold in China, according to Peter Thomas Roth. In China, the law requires that imported cosmetics are tested on animals.

In light of this, Peter Thomas Roth cannot be regarded as cruelty-free.

Does Peter Thomas Roth sell in China?

Roth admits to selling products in China.

The decision to sell products in mainland China requires Peter Thomas Roth to consent to having their products tested on animals and to pay for the testing. So far, the majority of cosmetic brands sold in mainland China cannot be considered cruelty-free in 2022.

Even though Peter Thoams Roth does not conduct these animal tests themselves, the company knowingly allows Chinese authorities to test their products on animals for the purpose of selling them in China.

Since China’s animal testing laws prohibit the sale of cruelty-free products there, a large number of cruelty-free brands choose not to sell their products there. Peter Thoams Roth, however, is unwilling to do the same thing, putting profits above animal welfare.

Animal-friendly brands cannot sell in mainland China. Why is that?

Physical stores still sell products that have been tested on animals in mainland China.

All special-use imported products must undergo pre-market animal testing, and customers who complain may be subject to non-routine post-market testing on animals.

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