The 90+ Inspirational Vegan Quotes

Respect for animals and a healthy diet as a common denominator.

If you have ever thought about becoming a vegetarian or vegan, here we leave you a collection of quotes about veganism to convince you .

Nowadays there are more and more people who become vegan, either due to environmental or animal sensitivity, or both. And you, would you join the car?

The best Inspirational and famous quotes about veganism

Whether you are one of those who want to take the step towards veganism, or to understand more the arguments of those who practice them, here we leave you this modest collection of phrases.

From Vegan Blessing , we wholeheartedly hope that these phrases help you make a decision, whatever it is.

1. I am a vegetarian because all animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends. As long as men and women are walking sarcophagi of murdered creatures, how can we hope for better living conditions on this planet? (George Bernard Shaw)

Who says animals can’t be our friends? When we learn to respect animals, we will learn to respect ourselves. George Bernard Shaw, British writer.

2. If the man wants to kill the tiger, this sport is called. If the tiger wants to kill the man, this is called bestiality (George Bernard Shaw)

The tiger eats out of biological necessity, but the human being does not have the need to hunt for pleasure. Something seems to separate us from the natural world.

3. Only by softening and disguising the meat with culinary preparation, it is susceptible to chewing and digestion; only then does the sight of its bloody juices and raw horror arouse intolerable disgust. It would be much better if a creature had never existed, to exist only to endure a situation of incessant misery (Percy B. Shelley)

The kitchen not only serves to prepare food in order to be digested, but also to masterfully mask the death of a sentient being.

4. I have been vegan for twelve years. And so far I have never been seriously ill. Vegetarian food strengthens the immune system. I think meat makes you sick (Bryan Adams)

Vegans argue that a well-planned vegan diet can provide health benefits.

5. True madness may be nothing more than wisdom itself that, tired of discovering the shame of the world, has made the intelligent resolution to go mad (Heinrich Heine)

Have we really gone mad by sacrificing our fellow men on earth? Phrases to reflect on, without a doubt. Heinrich Heine, poet of romanticism.

6. My point of view is that all of us who are in favor of animals should completely stop eating meat, and also speak out against it. In this way, attention can be drawn to the problem that has been raised so late (Albert Schweitzer)

The majority of animalistic currents transcend vegetarianism to openly declare themselves vegan.

7. Dangerous is to awaken the lion, deadly the tiger’s fang, however the most terrible of horrors is man in his madness (Friedrich Schiller)

If we are rational animals and this differentiates us from other living beings, why do we eat meat? Pleasure or necessity?

8. Whenever a man takes the right to slaughter an animal for a purpose, he not only commits an injustice, but a crime (Karlheinz Deschner)

There are people who argue that animals should be subjects of law. The problem is that, can you have rights without obligations? Can we hold a dog criminally responsible for biting his master?

9. The furious of the hunt, who care nothing more than the pursuit of animals, and who believe they feel incredible pleasure whenever they hear the repugnant echo of hunting horns and the scream of prey. I almost suppose that in your feelings the dog droppings seem to smell like cinnamon! And when they taste a piece of the animal’s meat, they feel as if they have practically become nobility. While these people by hunting and devouring animals only achieve their own degeneration, they nevertheless believe that they have a princely life (Erasmus of Rotterdam)

Subsistence hunting allowed humanity to advance little by little, but today, with a really efficient agricultural system, is it essential to eat meat? It’s up to you!

10. Where a hunter lives, ten shepherds, a hundred farmers and a thousand farmers can live. Cruelty to animals cannot be sustained when there is a true education and culture. It is one of the most significant perversities of a low-class and ignoble people (Alexander von Humbolt)

For example, hunting generates more than 3,600 million euros in Spain . Perhaps there are more financial interests than we are really aware of.

11. Hunting is always a form of war (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

The only difference is that in that war we kill defenseless beings, and not ourselves.

12. Hunting is a cowardly euphemism assigned to killing defenseless creatures in a particularly cowardly way. Hunting is a kind of mental illness (Teodor Heuss)

Hunting may be a biological imperative in animals, but is it a necessity in us? These phrases make more sense in their historical context where eating meat was linked to hunting.

13. The proof that the taste for meat foods is not natural in man is that children have a rejection against such food products and prefer vegetable food products, such as foods with milk, cookies, fruit and the like. It is very important not to spoil this original and natural taste, turning children into carnivores, because it does not matter what explanation we want to give it, but those who are strongly carnivores are generally more cruel and savage than other people (Jean Jacques Rousseau)

There are vegans who argue that meat and derivatives are addictive products that humans, by culture, have become accustomed to consuming. Jean Jacques Rousseau, Swiss illustrated.

14. Doesn’t a humanity that kills trillions of animals deserve precisely what causes the animal? (Karlheinz Deschner)

Doing a little fantasy exercise, imagine that an extraterrestrial race invaded us to use us as cattle, would you see it as something normal?

15. Whoever eats animals is below their level (Karlheinz Deschner)

As rational animals, we have a characteristic called morality that non-rational animals lack. Should we eat them just for that fact?

16. Are there moral scruples about frying a calf? On the part of educators, no. On the part of jurisprudence, no. On the part of moral theology, no. On the part of a thousand other moral reasons, no. On the part of the calf perhaps? (Karlheinz Deschner)

We only understand suffering when we experience it in our own flesh, but we would not do wrong to try an exercise in empathy with our peers in the natural world. Karlheinz Deschner, German historian.

17. It would be a great advance in the evolution of our race (it refers to the human race), if we were eaters of fruits and the consumption of meat disappeared from the earth. Everything would be possible on our planet by the time we overcome bloody meat meals and war (George Sand)

In Star Trek, we Vulcans (Spock’s race) are presented as a very advanced civilization based on logic, well, Vulcans are not only vegetarian but also vegan. Is not eating meat a reflection of an advanced society? Only time will tell.

18. An infallible criterion for assessing the honesty of the spirit of a society is to see to what extent it recognizes the rights of animals; for while men, in case of need when someone is too weak, can meet through coalitions and the use of their own language, to safeguard their rights, animals are denied this possibility of self-help. For this reason, it is in charge of the justice of men to what extent they want to respect the rights of animals (Leonardo Nelson)

And again the debate is presented; Rights without obligations? Should animals have rights? Leonardo Nelson, Argentine athlete.

19. There is veganism and there is animal exploitation. There is no third option. If you are not vegan, you are participating in animal exploitation (Gary L. Francione)

This phrase about veganism is very significant and reflects a current debate between vegetarians of the vegan type and standard vegetarians: Vegans do not accept ovo-lacto-vegetarianism because they consider it an accomplice of animal exploitation, since ovo-lacto-vegetarians consume products such as eggs, milk, etc.

20. How can we speak of law and justice if we take an innocent creature and his blood is shed? (Isaac Bashevis Singer)

Is justice only a concept applicable to the human being? Why? Phrases about veganism so you can reflect.

21. Man can live only consuming vegetables (Louis Lecrerc)

Finally, would you go vegan or at the very least, vegetarian? Whatever your decision, we hope this compendium of phrases about veganism and animal conscience have made you rethink the matter.


22. In relation to animals, all people are Nazi; for animals, this is an eternal Treblinka (Isaac Bashevis Singer)

Speciesism is discrimination against non-human beings and in a way, it is racism applied to animals.

23. Do not forget that no matter how distant and hidden the slaughterhouse is, there is always complicity (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Are we fully aware of what we do or has society alienated us in the consumption of meat?

24. Questioning our most deeply held beliefs requires a lot of courage because it implies accepting that we have been wrong all our lives (David Fischman)

Eating meat and meat products has been a common practice throughout the centuries . In a way it is tradition, but that something is tradition does not imply that it is the right thing to do.

25. If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarians (Paul McCartney)

Looking the other way, it is easy for us to consume meat packaged in plastic. Would we change our mind if we saw the operation of a slaughterhouse?

26. You should not eat that which has a face (Paul McCartney)

Veganism is inherently an animal movement. Animalism takes into consideration all sentient beings, that is, capable of experiencing suffering.

27. Animal life, shadowed mystery. All nature protests against human barbarism, which appropriates, humiliates, tortures its inferior companion (Jules Michelet)

Life is sacred . Perhaps we should take it into consideration before our fine palate.

28. What a poor mentality you have to have to say that animals are machines devoid of feelings and understanding (Voltaire)

Many animals, before going to the slaughterhouse, are aware of the fate that awaits them.

29. Veganism is a philosophy of life that excludes all forms of exploitation and cruelty towards the animal kingdom and includes a reverence for life. In practice, it is applied following a pure vegetarian diet and encourages the use of alternatives for all materials derived partially or totally from animals (Donald Watson)

Veganism is not only against the consumption of meat, but against all animal exploitation in general . Donald Watson, creator of the vegan movement.

30. Dare to be wise! Stop killing animals! The one who is postponing the hour of straight life is like the peasant who waits for the river to dry up to cross it (Horacio)

Even in ancient times there were defenders of animals!

31. Nothing will benefit human health or increase our chance of surviving life on earth more than evolution towards a vegetarian diet (Albert Einstein)

According to vegetarians (including vegans, which is a stricter type of vegetarianism) their respective diets provide countless health benefits.

32. It is my point of view that the vegetarian way of life by its pure physical effect on the human temperament, would beneficially influence all of humanity (Albert Einstein)

One of the arguments that vegetarians use is that meat awakens hostile, even aggressive, instincts in humans.

33. Our task is to free ourselves … by expanding our circle of compassion until it contains all living creatures, the whole of nature and its beauty (Albert Einstein)

Apparently the German physicist had a very romantic and emotional view of nature .

34. You just ate at noon; and no matter how carefully you have hidden the slaughterhouse at a safe distance of a few or many kilometers: you are guilty (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

There are people who, by not seeing directly the atrocities that eating meat entails, appease their consciences with ignorance. But are they really guilty?

35. Man is the king of animals, because he surpasses all of them in cruelties. From an early age I hated feeding on animals, and I know that the day will come when men and women will oppose the slaughter of animals as they now condemn the slaughter of their fellow human beings (Leonardo da Vinci)

Perhaps the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci was a Renaissance polymath gave him a special sensitivity about animal life.

36. Those who kill animals to eat their meat tend to slaughter each other (Pythagoras)

Really, you only have to look at human history to know that Pythagoras was right .

37. No matter what attitude a man has towards animals, he will always be paid with the same coin (Pythagoras)

Vegetarianism is almost as old as humanity. In fact, the first laws that advocated protection in favor of animals were passed in Ancient Rome.

38. The earth gives abundant wealth and peaceful food. And it gives you food that is free from death and blood (Pythagoras)

Why consume meat if we have a multitude of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms at our disposal?

39. Everything that man does to animals, returns back to him. Who cuts the throat of an ox with a knife and remains deaf to the bellowing of fear, who is capable of fearlessly killing a frightened goat and eating the bird, which he has fed himself, how far is a man from crime? So? (Pythagoras)

Really, some coldness is needed to euthanize an animal.

40. Let food be your medicine, let your medicine be food (Hippocrates)

According to the WHO, eating processed meat could cause cancer. Yet another reason to start a vegan diet?

41. If man seriously and honestly seeks the moral path, the first thing he has to do is to turn away from eating meat. Well, apart from the stimulation of the passions that this consumption causes, it is simply immoral, because it requires an action that is opposed to the moral sense, that is, killing (Leo Tolstoi)

Is there a moral justification for eating meat and animal derivatives?

42. Eating meat is a vestige of the greatest primitivism. The move to vegetarianism is the first natural consequence of the enlightenment (Leo Tolstoy)

Again, vegetarianism as a sign of an advanced civilization. Will we all be vegan in the future?

43. From the murder of animals to the murder of men there is only one step (Leo Tolstoy)

Recently, in the region of Catalonia (Spain) a hunter murdered two rural agents. Was Leon Tolstoy right or is his statement the result of a prejudice and a generalization?

44. Vegetarianism is valid as a criterion by which we can recognize whether a man seriously aspires to moral perfection (Leo Tolstoy)

There are as many morals as there are people on Earth. Aspiring to a common morality that respects animals is therefore an arduous task not without merit.

45. If you are not in a position to kill a man, that is fine; if you are not capable of killing any cattle or any bird, even better; and if neither to any fish nor to any insects, even better. Make an effort to advance as much as you can. Do not go around pondering what is possible and what is not. Do what you can carry out with your strength; everything depends on this (Leo Tolstoy)

This phrase about veganism is quite revealing. There are people who consider themselves animalists because they empathize more with mammals (such as a domesticated dog) than with other animals, falling into an unconscious speciesism. If you really want to protect the rights of animals, do not despise an ant!

46. ​​Man can live and be healthy without having to kill animals for food. If you eat meat you are guilty of killing animals, just to please your own palate. Doing so is immoral. It is such a simple and undoubted thing that it is impossible to disagree with it. But since most are still tied to the pleasure of eating meat, men justify it and say, laughing: “a piece of steak is something beautiful, today at noon I will gladly eat it” (Leo Tolstoi)

Paul Kerton is a vegan bodybuilder. According to him, since he became vegan, he feels that he has more energy and that his tendonitis problems have subsided.

47. If modern man had to kill the animals that serve him as food himself, the number of those who eat vegetables would increase unlimitedly (Christian Morgenstern)

We know that meat comes from animals but in capitalist society, by making industrial processes so fast, it really distorts the product, transforming it into an artificial object endowed with added value, with a soul of its own. The fact that the meat industry presents us with trays of processed meat, plasticized and in a supermarket fridge, in a way, takes us away from the horrors of animal sacrifice and makes us relatively unconscious.

48. The deepest minds of all time have felt compassion for animals (Friedrich Nietszche)

Anyone who reads Nietzsche will perceive a relative contempt for humanity, but a great love for animals.

49. Cynicism is the only force under which vulgar souls touch what is called sincerity (Friedrich Nietszche)

They say that Nietzsche was walking down the street and witnessed a man whipping his horse, since it was overexploited and could not move from fatigue. Then, in an act of pure compassion, Nietzsche threw herself on the horse and hugged it while crying.

50. Good sense begins already in the kitchen (Friedrich Nietszche)

With this phrase, we can intuit that Nietszche loved to eat fruits and vegetables!

51. Commiseration with animals is intimately linked with goodness of character, in such a way that it can be safely affirmed that whoever is cruel to animals cannot be a good person. A compassion for all living beings is the surest and surest test of moral conduct. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

According to some psychiatrists and psychologists, psychopathy can manifest itself in childhood through the mistreatment of large animals (dogs, cats, etc.), including mammals, which are evolutionarily close to us and we should feel more empathy towards them.

52. Christian morality has limited its prescriptions exclusively to men and has left the animal world without rights. You just have to see how our Christian plebs behave with animals, how they kill them smiling and totally senseless, or how they mutilate and martyr them, how they tire their own old horses to the maximum to remove the last marrow from their poor bones, even who die from the blows. It could truly be said that men are the demons of the earth and animals their tormented souls (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Although it may seem contradictory, Christianity is quite anthropocentric. It is logical that Christian morality underestimates animal suffering when only man is worthy of being saved before God.

53. The world is not a shoddy work and animals are not a factory product for our use. To animals we do not owe compassion but justice (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Compassion, in the western sense of the word, implies condescension and that could well be interpreted as speciesism.

54. Now I can contemplate you in peace, since I no longer eat you (Frank Kafka)

Frank Kafka, existentialist bohemian writer, observing a bed of fish

55. The soul is the same in all creatures, although the body of each one is different (Hippocrates)

Is our soul really the same as the rest of anime? Hippocrates, Hellenic physician.

56. Oh, gods! Can there be a greater crime than inserting entrails into one’s entrails, greedily feeding the body with other bodies, and preserving life by killing an animal that, like us, lives? (Plato)

We know that philosophy was born in Ancient Greece, and that the Greek polis as a whole were advanced societies for the time. Is it by chance that such an advanced civilization as the Hellenistic produced geniuses who were themselves vegetarians?

57. By a mouth full of meat we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time with which it was born into the world to enjoy (Plutarco)

For Plutarco, all sentient beings deserve respect.

58. The most violent weapon on Earth is the fork of the table (Mahatma Gandhi)

Gandhi was an Indian politician and thinker who was not only committed to the liberation of India as it is believed, but also to animal liberation.

59. I believe that spiritual growth, reached a certain degree, requires us to stop killing animal living beings to satisfy our physical needs (Mahatma Gandhi)

But really, is eating a physical necessity or a whim?

60. I maintain that the more defenseless a creature is, the more rights it has to be protected by man against the cruelty of man. I still have to carry out many purifications and personal sacrifices to be able to save those defenseless animals from a sacrifice that has nothing sacred. I constantly pray to God for some great spirit, man or woman, to be born on this earth, fired in divine mercy, capable of freeing us from our horrendous sins against animals, saving the lives of innocent creatures and purifying the temples (Mahatma Gandhi)

Mahatma Gandhi’s life was a constant struggle with himself to safeguard animal dignity.

61. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way they treat their animals. I feel that spiritual progress requires that at some point we stop killing our sister creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily desires (Mahatma Gandhi)

Here Gandhi is a little more concrete; It is no longer a need, but a desire.

62. In my mind, the life of a lamb has no less value than that of a human. The superiority of human beings over other animals should be demonstrated not only by abhorring the savage mania of killing and devouring them, but also by caring for, protecting and loving them (Mahatma Gandhi)

Would an apparent moral superiority as rational animals be speciesism?

63. An ethic at the level of our time cannot forget our responsibility towards the rest of the biosphere, and especially towards our companions of sorrows and joys on this planet, the animals. All wild animals deserve the minimum respect if they are not killed on a whim (Jesús Mosterín)

Vegan postulates often argue that their practice, apart from respecting animals, is sustainable from an environmental point of view. Phrase of Jesús Mosterín, Spanish philosopher.

64. The National Holiday is the maximum exaltation of human aggressiveness (Dr. Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente)

From the bullfighting movement it is argued that the bull is given a good life, and that after sacrificing it it is used as food. But for the great conservationist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, and for much of today’s society, they are mere and simple justifications to defend the torture of an animal.

65. I am proud of never having appeared, among the special clientele of bullfights (Ramón y Cajal)

In Portugal there is also bullfighting but without sacrifice. Why not do it in the rest of the countries with a bullfighting tradition?

66. I have always been bored and disgusted by bullfights (Miguel de Unamuno)

Another argument used by anti-bullfighters is that the objective of watching a bullfight is to see how a bullfighter wins and ridicules by torturing the animal. It is therefore not a fair fight.

67. Love animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy without problems. Don’t disturb their joy, don’t harass them, don’t deprive them of their happiness, don’t work against God’s intentions! Man, don’t brag about your superiority to animals; they are sinless, and you, with your greatness, corrupt the earth with your appearance in it, and leave the trail of your stupidity behind you. Ah! It is the truth of almost all of us (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

Nature is balance. But we are destroying that symbiotic relationship we have with nature.

68. Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop hurting other living beings, we will remain wild (Thomas Edison)

A peaceful society is a rational society.

69. I am a passionate vegetarian and a teetotaler, because that way I can make better use of my brain (Thomas Edison)

Meat and alcohol . A healthy combination?

70. Love for all living creatures is the noblest attribute of man (Charles Darwin)

Love your fellow men, love animals!

71. Animals feel like men joy and pain, happiness and unhappiness (Charles Darwin)

It is a mistake to reify animals, as if they did not feel or suffer.

72. When the man and the woman pity all living creatures, only then will they be noble (Buddha)

One of the principles of Buddhism is respect for all living beings, not for nothing could it be the reincarnation of one of our ancestors. Or so they say. A phrase from Buddha .

73. Animals need our help, Saint Francis was interested in helpless animals and the poor (John Paul II)

Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the first animalist Catholics.

74. All things of creation are children of the Father and brothers of man … God wants us to help animals if they need help. Every creature in disgrace has the same right to be protected (Saint Francis of Assisi)

Protect animals, protect life!

75. How can you ruthlessly kill and devour those adorable creatures that meekly and lovingly offer you their help, friendship and company? (San Francisco de Asis)

Sometimes it seems that some animals empathize with us more than we empathize with them .

76. A man who takes pity on all living creatures is a Saint (Dharmapada)

Wise man is one who cares for every living creature.

77. It is incredible and shameful that neither preachers nor moralists raise their voices against the barbaric custom of killing animals and also eating them. It is true that that atrocious bloodbath that takes place continuously in slaughterhouses and kitchens, no longer seems a bad thing to us. Rather, we view these often foul atrocities as a blessing from the Lord and thank him in our prayers for our murders. Could there be anything more disgusting than continually feeding on corpse meat? (François Voltaire)

One thing is what we perceive to be right or wrong, and another thing that is objectively right or wrong.

78. Hunting is one of the surest means to kill men’s feelings towards their fellow men (François Voltaire)

What do hunters feel when they kill? It is known that in sport hunting, many hunters take photos with their trophies, actually murdered victims.

79. If man is not to stifle his feelings, then he will have to practice kindness towards animals, since he who is cruel to animals becomes crude in his dealings with men. You can judge a man’s heart by his treatment of animals (Immanuel Kant)

If you treat animals well, you will be a better person.

80. Cruelty to animals is the opposite of the duty that man has to himself (Immanuel Kant)

The advancement of humanity goes through dignifying animal reality.

81. Killing was forbidden to us in every sense of the word. It was man who established degrees of crime in order to continue waging war and destroy animals and eat them (Anonymous)

Are we making use of hypocrisy and double standards by setting different levels of crime to the delight of our exquisite palate?

82. If all slaughterhouses had glass walls, all people would be vegetarians (Paul McCartney)

Would you go vegan if you were really aware of animal suffering?

83. You say that snakes, panthers and lions are cruel, but you bring to your lips the flesh of a dead creature (Plutarch)

Vegans claim that plant proteins, especially from soybeans, are more than enough to keep us healthy.

84. I wonder what state of mind was the first man who did it, he touched his mouth with a knife and brought to his lips the flesh of a dead creature, the one who filled the table of death with stale bodies and dared to call food to those who before had cried, roared, moved and lived. How could their eyes withstand the slaughter of slit throats and skinned bodies? (Plutarch)

Possibly the first man to eat meat was compelled by necessity, by hunger. Currently the justifications for consuming meat are in question.

85. Do not take the life that you cannot give, for all things have the same right to live, kill harmful creatures where saving is sinful; this only prerogative we have; but feed life with vegetable food, and avoid the sacrilegious taste of blood (Ovid)

Man should be a creator of life, not a destroyer.

86. An ox is satisfied with pasture of an acre or two; one would be enough for quite a few elephants. Man plunders all the land and the sea … has nature given us such an insatiable stomach as such insignificant bodies? No, it is not the hunger of our stomachs, but this insatiable greed, which costs us so much (Seneca)

There are so many suffering on the planet that we need a huge amount of other people’s suffering to satisfy our stomachs.

87. Pythagoras recommended abstinence from all kinds of meats in order for men to become accustomed to a more comfortable way of living, based on food free of any preparation, food that did not require the action of fire, and that they learn to quench their thirst with no other drink than clear water (Diógenes Laercio)

Raw veganism is a practice that is based on a diet based on raw vegetables

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88. Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they are just animals (Theodor Wiesengurnd Adorno)

For the Nazis, Jews were not human . Do racism and speciesism have a lot in common or do we really need meat to survive as a species?

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