Why going Vegan is Good for your Health

Why Going Vegan is Good for your Health

Vegan is a choice of lifestyle you choose for yourself. Though the reasons may be different, all of them point to one thing: health.

Lifestyle changes in the tablet are at the top of every doctor’s prescription for all the current world’s most prevalent diseases or disorders. And among options for lifestyle changes is the very elite and dignified: Vegan Diet.

So, to know the justification for why going vegan is good for your health, scroll down.

Why going Vegan is Good for your Health

Why going Vegan is Good for your Health

Major health issues spreading like wildfire are listed below. There is an explanation for each on how going vegan will help you solve that particular health problem.

  • Tackles Obesity

Obesity can be hereditary. But numbers show that it is acquired more due to overeating, lack of exercise, regular eating of empty calories, and junk food. 

Intake of meat with high-fat content, not followed by any activity that burns off the excess fat, leads to accumulation. This arrangement of one fat layer over the other as the years go by ultimately results in Obesity.

A vegan diet prevents fat intake, neither from the direct animal source of meat nor by-products like milk, cheese, mayonnaise, etc. Therefore going vegan tackles obesity.

  • Fights Increasing Bad Cholesterol Levels

There’s bad cholesterol, and then there is good cholesterol. Each has its levels that, when crossed, will disturb the harmony of a well-functioning body.

Good cholesterol is high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and is considered ‘good’ because it can be metabolized in the liver. The bad cholesterol is low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and is considered ‘bad’ because it cannot be synthesized in the liver; instead, it accumulates in the arteries. The primary source of LDL is meat. 

Following the principle of a vegan diet, cholesterol-rich food is not only reduced but wholly eradicated. Hence, going vegan fights increasing bad cholesterol levels.

  • Lowers Heart-related Diseases/Disorders

As explained above, LDL starts sticking to walls of arteries and arterioles on accumulation. The diameter of the blood vessels decreases hence increasing the pressure of blood flowing through it, which in simple terms is called ‘High Blood Pressure.’

Another term, ‘Hypertension’ caused due to high salt intake, is also to be noted. High salt content is often found in street fast food, and increased ingestion can rapidly hike up salt levels in the blood, so hypertension comes into effect.

Adopting a vegan diet will remove any excess intake of salt and also animal products having high LDL. Thus, going vegan lowers heart-related diseases/disorders.

  • Reduces Chances of Acquiring Cancer 

Processed meat and meat products often involve the external addition of microbes, temperature variations, which are speculated to trigger extra cell growth, also called tumors. Though not all tumors are malignant, some are benign, yet they may be harmful someday, if not today.

Vegetables like lentils, legumes, fresh fruits have been proved to eradicate any chance of certain cancers like colorectal, breast, prostate from occurring. This may be due to less tampering compared to animal-based products.

So, going vegan reduces the chances of acquiring cancer.

  • Controls Diabetes

Sugar-based dishes and food items are typical among animal-based edibles. From gummies, candies, lollipops to meringues and mousse, among which egg is a significant ingredient.

Diabetes is caused due to increased blood sugar levels due to no proper sugar breakdown, so there is build-up in the bloodstream. Diabetes also teams up with Obesity to further damage the body.

A vegan diet is a solution to controlling diabetes.

  • Prevents Stroke

Switching to a plant-based diet from animal-based diet results in the following changes: green leafy vegetables, beans, whole, and refined grains, potatoes, etc. Now, how does this help in putting barricades against a stroke?

Just like the heart, the brain also consists of blood vessels. If these accumulate, one of the two may take place.

Either the blood clogs or the blood vessel bursts, a stroke in both the cases that are fatal to the brain function and the overall body. To conclude, the switch to going vegan prevents stroke.

  • Increases Nutrient Intake Amount

If a comparison table is drawn for the nutrient numbers for animal and plant food, who do you think takes the crown? Animal food is rich in only either of the two: protein or fat or both, whereas plant food with its diverse pulses, cereals, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, lentils, etc., takes first place.

Therefore, consuming a heavy all-rounded meal by going vegan increases nutrient intake, certainly trumping a one-sided meal with no all-inclusive performance and functioning.

  • Betters Skin Quality

Who doesn’t care about their glowing and luscious skin? A silky smooth face with no bumps or acne marks is everyone’s dream. Then a little sacrifice on meat, poultry, and fowl does not look so bad, now does it?

Beef, pork, lamb, fish are all high attraction sites to bacteria, among which streptococcus, the bacteria responsible for acne/pimple formations, is profound. On that account, going vegan betters skin quality.

  • Relieves Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is at its core inflammation that causes unbearable pain. Animal flesh has been proved to be an inflammatory agent in many experiments.

Instead of the animal origin foods, if you take up microbes plant origin foods with live habitation of bacteria formed out of fermentation, it is more likely to prevent the unnecessary sufferage you have to go through.

Accordingly, going vegan relieves arthritis pain.

  • Boosts Mood

Mental health issues are on the rise all over the world. People need saving from themselves or each other and adding on to that, the burden of consuming animals, birds, and their by-products can be heavy on certain minds.

When you have an alternative that can relieve you of the needless worrying about fellow species, why not avail it? Consequently, going vegan boosts mood.


Citing all the above remarkable, easy on the pocket and the stomach with double the fruitful benefits, your uncertainty on why going vegan is good for your health will have reached a point of the verdict.

A little backup and a push I would like to provide to your theory to edge you into practically implementing is the satisfaction at the end of each meal of not having to be a part of animal slaughter like meat or utilizing their physiologically produced products, milk, and eggs.

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